Shyness vs. being reserved

I’m going to talk to you about a subject that deserves all its attention … We mix, we make the amalgam between shyness and being reserved. Two very different things that can be linked, but not always …


Shyness can be seen as a strong reserve but rather a withdrawal into oneself, an intense embarrassment that one can experience in certain situations. Shyness can also become an anguish to the point that it becomes morbidly timid. Timid people try as often as possible to avoid these so-called foreign situations. Anxiety, stress where one can lose one’s means by going to more or less severe anxiety attacks. There are, of course, several degrees of timidity. And this can spoil the lives of these people. One has the voice trembling, the hands sweaty, the throat dry, the heart beating fast, one becomes red like « a tomato. » This is often a sign of lack of self-confidence. One is afraid of the gaze of others on oneself.

How can we « stop » shyness? Unfortunately there is no miracle cure … Breathing may be a good way to calm down something starts to make us nervous. Then I would say take on yourself and challenge yourself. It’s incredible to see what you can do with willpower.

Being reserved

A reserved person is not a shy person, she just does not step forward. Often she spends most of her time listening to others and then giving her opinion. Being booked is not a defect or a defect, it would be a quality in some cases.

When one is shy, one is not necessarily reserved. An actor for example, puts himself on stage but may very well be shy during an interview. You can also be an end-of-train while being reserved!

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