Shhh, Google’s listening !

Did you know that?

I came across this while surfing YouTube. Intrigued, I experimented. Careful, some people might freak out!

Most of us have a smartphone, whether it’s Android, or Apple, even Windows phone. So to summarize, I took the example of Google assistant but you can imagine that Siri, Echo, Alexa, Cortana and Co are on the same bench.

Google is just one example among many others… Anyway, they all ended up admitting it. Men and women are paid to listen to tracks all day long to improve artificial intelligence.

Before I send you to the video, I’ll put it in context. Normally, in the logic of things, when you say « ok Google », you call the assistant… Except that when you then go into my google activity we find this :

My generation is the last to have known the world before the internet. Unfortunately, now to have a completely private life is far from easy… Unless you go to a desert island with zero technology…

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