SEO is referencing on search engines. While SMO is the social referencing.



SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is simply SEO  to your website. It’s a method for increasing visibility on the search engines in order to improve the position .Different techniques are used such as creating quality content with words and / or specific keyword phrases. The number and quality of inbound links , with campaigns netlinking or partnerships or exchange links … will help up in the results.
Anyway, it is an art and a real headache !



SMO (Social Media Optimization)

This is another way to attract visitors to web content through promotion of these ones on social networks . It is further compared to SEO .




SEO helps to strengthen the long-term visibility. But you have to work on a daily basis.

While SMO enables true interaction with our target .



SEO takes time and does not give results very quickly.

For the SMO is as you might say  » double or nothing  » , it works, it doesn’t work or it can even be disastrous , depending on how it’s done . We must define a good, specific communication strategy for each social network to keep from falling to the dark side .



My personal conclusion is that the SEO and SMO are truly complementary for visibility . Don’t forget the SEA (Search Engine Advertising) which is a fast way (but paid) to increase your visibility.

SEO + SEA + GOS = SEM ( Searching Engine Marketing ) which is all these ways to maximize the visibility of a website.


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