SEO : dofollow or nofollow ?


What’s the difference between dofollow and nofollow ? Why is this so important for SEO ? By the way, this is a link story which could have a (big) impact for your SEO !

Dofollow, nofollow ?

This is very simple, isn’t it ? That’s two magical words to tell the search engine if he have to follow or not the link you put inside your article, page or comment.
You can put it directly in the source code by giving it an attribute ( rel =) or if you are under a CMS , you can install a plugin.

Does it matter ?

The popularity of a site or blog is done primarily by the quality of its content with relevant keywords. It’s also the number of links that point to your website or blog and qualities ( called inbound links). But the search engine does not stop there and analyzes outbound links, that means links that YOU put on your site or blog as well as their qualities.
And this is where it gets very interesting. You will say that it’s easy , you just have to put all the links dofollow and here it is. Well, you are mistaken… The robot who comes to visit your website or blog following any links in it, for quality links , this favors the page rank. But if the links are poor on quality or have a bad reputation, it will not be good for you. So you need to put them on nofollow.
In general, links in comments are nofollow default (CMS) because there are lots of spam messages. You can change your settings but not recommended. My advice would be to do it case by case.
Another point to make a link nofollow : links from forums that require a connection to an account and a password. The search engine cannot explore it.

To conclude , we must make a real difference between the dofollow and nofollow . In SEO , one should overlook anything !

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