Portrait of Zayn Malik

Zayn malik

Who is Zayn Malik, this beautiful Brown (who, for some time, changes hair color) to the mysterious look, often described as a  » bad boy  » that would have taken a « big head » and would be in total distress?

Zayn malikPersonal life

Zain Javadd Malik was born on January 12, 1993 in Bradford, UK. It has Pakistani origins by his father.
Since 2012, he was betrothed to Perrie Edwards (Little Mix) but the relationship ended in August 2015.

One Direction

He auditioned for X-Factor in 2010, it fails in the ‘Boys’ category, but quickly spotted by Simon Cowell, he will join four other young boys and
will compete in the « Groups » category: One Direction is born! But the group will not win the final. And yet…one direction
Everything went very fast with the 2011 release of their song « What Makes You Beautiful ». 200 fans, they are passed to thousands in a few months.
Interviews in concerts through the recording of the albums (one per year), no respite is allowed. They can no longer go out alone in the street. Zayn loses little by little its bouncy, told even that it droguerait…
It was in March 2015, he decided to leave the band for supposedly « live the normal life of a 22-year-old boy ». Everyone is devastated by this news, the directioners do not understand, is the drama, there are even some auto-mutilations and suicide on Twitter!

Solo career?

But I believe that there are even less understood, it is when some time later, he expresses his desire to begin a solo career and more appear with Naughty boy! It is the total clash, the directioners are angry against Zayn. It loses a lot of followers in a short time on Twitter. Subsequent settling of scores with his former comrades of game. But what happens?
Then suddenly, what do we learn? Zayn Malik sent « Leonard » Naughty Boy. The directioners say they have finally recovered the true Zayn Malik and that he will surely return to the group.
But… In the Drama Series, it is not finished because one learns that he broke, that with which he was still talking marriage some time earlier, that he said that he was leaving the One Direction to take care of his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards dropped by an SMS…


Still is it that at the time of today, I see no progress at the level of his solo career…Zayn malik
Would he have taken a big head? Would it be depression? East – this calculated? Has he lost his mind? In any case, his close friends are worried.
Was he ready to be propelled to the top of glory? Was the pressure of this celebrity not too strong on his shoulders? So many unanswered questions…
Everything one can wish him is a return to normal in most quickly. Everyone at its ups and downs. It is sufficient just to raise its head before you totally lose control and be well surrounded. 🙂

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