Pokemon Go saga


Pokemon Go puts the rage all over the world.

That’s more than 500 million players worldwide who, armed with their smartphones, crisscross the earth to capture Pokemon.

Poke description

it is a mobile video game in augmented reality that aims to capture Pokemon.

A good thing ?

There are many controversies related to this game. I would say the good news is that our young people, usually sprawled on the sofa, hand console while it’s 35 ° C outside, finally emerging from their dens. They also do sport and finally take colors! We saw quite incredible situations as creating huge jams or fairly substantial crowd of « trainers » in one place because of giant hunting rare Pokemon. We could see police of the United States took in hunting flagrant offense Pokemon.

Leave an addiction for another

Unfortunately, this game turned the heads of some players and we can not count the number of accidents that cause this game, some even sometimes dramatic. Warnings are displayed even on highways.

An innovative alternative to « traditional » video game because it is played outdoors but not at any price ! We can not emphasize enough , be careful in your quest . Pokemon hunt yes but hunt lives, no!

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