Point & click games history

The video game point & click: a whole story …

What is the point & click?

The point & click games or the point and click (I think that it speaks to you) is part of the adventure games where the player interacts primarily with the mouse or any other material that allows to point. Yes, for example, the finger is part of the material! After I would say that nothing prevents you to connect a mouse but hey … on a smartphone, I do not see the usefulness as the screen is touch …

Its history and its evolution

It is in the middle of the 80’s that the first point & click appeared. « Enchanted Scepters » on mac is one of the first to have emerged. Some companies like Lucasfilm Games become since LucasArt and Sierra On-Line have made their specialty.The major change was in 1990 with the transition from sight to the first person to that of the third brought by the latter with the game « King’s Quest » .

The game until then was presented in a window that displayed the possible actions for the hero: walk, run, talk, take something, etc …

But in 1991, the new age of point & click game reached its peak with the release of the famous « Myst ». Revolution because the game is in 3D. It remains to this day, the best-selling game in the world.

Since the games continue to expand graphically speaking.

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