Planet Coaster: always the same craze!

Small retrospective on Planet Coaster, building game and management of amusement parks.This game, released on November 17, 2016 is still popular with roller coaster fans. Frontier Developments does not hesitate to provide updates and DLC to transform the amusement parks of the owners of this game into real masterpieces.

Frontier Developments had already participated in the development of Rollercoaster Tycoon 3. And I can tell you that Planet Coaster is the descendant of RCT3 being a fan myself.

You can find this game and all its DLC on the Steam platform.

This game improves over the years. You can now create your own 3D objects and import them into Planet Coaster and recreate at the building, the largest theme parks in the world or let their imagination run wild. You will have understood correctly with this game everything is possible!

I have not got tired for more than 2 years of relaxing with this performance game without names. Find the articles I made at its release here, there or at this place. Not to mention here!

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