Today I’m going to talk about a hot topic because it’s about orgasm …

What is orgasm ?

This word comes from the Greek and means « bubbling with ardor ». Which means in simple language, having an intense pleasure following an excitement. It usually results in contractions of the perineum, retraction of the clitoris and muscle contractions. Orgasm also releases oxytocin and prolactin, which gives a deep feeling of well-being.

Different types of orgasm

There are many types of orgasm:

  • The clitoral orgasm that is most prevalent in women. It is simply the stimulation of the clitoris.
  • The vaginal orgasm is reached only by 20 to 30% of women. This is vaginal penetration.
  • Mixed orgasm is a summary of the first two. A bit like a double orgasm.
  • Orgasm with the G-spot which is a very sensitive area and is located in the anterior wall of the vagina.
  • The nipple orgasm, very sensitive area in women, stimulated properly, it can trigger an orgasm.
  • The orgasm of the deep spot which is located further than the point G can trigger powerful orgasms. It is just before the cervix.
  • Anal orgasm is harder to reach.
  • The orgasm of ejaculation is a loss of control of the perineum.

There are others but these are the main ones.

Systematic orgasm ?

Only 69% of women reach orgasm with each report. So, ladies, if you’re part of the remaining 31% (like me) who do not have it every time, it’s not an end in itself. It is not because one does not reach orgasm every time one does not take one’s foot (intense pleasure). And if these gentlemen absolutely want to see us orgasm, we have at worst the simulation ^ ^ that we know very well use ?.

Of course, we women, we can have several orgasms during sex. As explained above, there are different types that we can combine perfectly!

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