Never put a woman in anger!

It’s well known, right?

When a woman is angry, she is in a bad mood. There is no point in shouting at us gentlemen. The more you raise the tone, the more you get angry and the less you feel good. We can settle disputes in a gentle way …

This sweet way is called communication. If she is good within the couple then they should never have big arguments. To divide the tasks evenly when the couple is in the household is good too. Helping each other and sharing are words to integrate.

When we can not say something in front, why not write them?

And stop asking us if we have our period or « you should do this », « you should say that » … STOP! It’s exhausting …

And if your wife is jealous, do not tell her that her friend is cute … You want to declare war!

Never betray a woman who gives you all her confidence. It’s the best way to lose her forever.

Of course, with a few things this also applies in the opposite direction.

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