Nearly 500 articles!

Not far from 500 articles on my blog and more all together!

It’s amazing! I’ve written over 500 articles in 5 years, which makes about 100 articles a year! That’s huge!

So yes, sometimes I run out of ideas like everyone else. How do I do in those cases? Well, most of the time, I ask my Facebook contacts to help me and it works! Otherwise, I glean my ideas in my daily life, in the news (but not too much), and on the net…

I organize myself very simply. I use Trello to stuff my ideas (I also have it on my smartphone, useful when I have an idea outside my home or when I don’t have my computer nearby).

I do one article per platform each week. which can actually be up to 6 articles per week depending on whether I translate them or not. I take a monster pleasure in writing.

I find a liberating side to writing. Sharing knowledge (or bullshit 😀 ) is super motivating I find.

In any case I wanted to thank you, you who read me… I’m not saying that all my articles are of very good quality but they are always written with attention and love 🙂 . It’s my passion, I can’t help it.

You can see by the way by excluding the next subjects of my articles !

In general, my articles are written in advance (except when it’s about current events where they are written the week before they are published). I program them.

It must be said that right now we have time with containment. So I make the most of it the week I don’t have the kids. And it allows me not to get bored and escape in my own way!

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