My Twitter account is subscribing itself

My Twitter account is subscribing itself
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TwitterTwitter is a huge jungle made to see and be seen.Tweet, retweet,  hashtag,follow, unfollow, reply, dm,fav… There are also many phishing of course called here « twishing » (remember to properly secure your account!).
Recently, I visited my subscriptions account (Yes, yes I am not mistaken) climbed except that… It is not me who subscribe to these people…

WTF? I am all the same not mad to bind! I know what I’m doing and who I subscribe…
First time I unsubscribe me (thinking have made a mistake) without too much attention (Yes more in Spanish, and I speak this language as a cow English :-)!).
Some time after my timeline: « Wow, wow, wow! What is ca! …  : cry: still… « I do not know these people (always from Spanish)…  : x I go back to my subscriptions, unfollow, signals and blocks…
The next morning…  😮 worse and worse, not only still is in Spanish but now they are even images (not screenshot and I’ll not more a drawing:-D). There, I thought he was really going to have to solve this quickly…

Some research later on internet, I am still also greatly because I found nothing… But by dint of search (you eventually always find), I fall on a few forums where apparently people have had this problem. I’m not the only one in this case (phew!).

I went, as advocated on them on the side of my settings: 

at the level of applications:

😮 Quezako? Vine? But, I do not use Vine, I even have no account…
I turned everything I knew not or on which I had doubts and I of course took the opportunity to remove those that I don’t use anymore.
I also changed my password for safety.

Until now, everything is back in order, I’m finally quiet!

On the other hand, I do not know if you noticed but twitter has completely cracked! Subscriptions turned into Subscriber… If it wanted to shorten this word, it had poorly done!

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