My first web site

Yet an article that no one is going to read! 😀 But what never mind! I wish to highlight the fact that to be present on the web does not date from yesterday.


This screenshot is my very first website Minfrip. Free has never removed it. We can see that the last update date of 2006!

EH Yes! It’s been almost 10 years already… At the time, of course, no one spoke really web site but web or personal page. I had used to sell my old (or not!) things on Ebay (thing I still do from time to time) and I said to myself, why not consolidate all my items on a web page? And why not to send newsletters to my « clients » (i.e. those that buy me something) to keep them aware of the « news »? Unfortunately, I no longer an example to show you respect them, she was on another address that apparently this time, Free deleted…

I started with this good old FrontPage and me am not badly done. You’ll tell me: Yes but why this funny name minfrip? Just because it was my nickname at the time. Do not laugh, but in fact, it was the contraction of the name of my two cats (of which the second is still alive): Kitty and scoundrel… Yes, I admit, it was weird as a nickname but I can assure you that I could connect with everywhere, I had no problem! ?

Subsequently, I met on a chat, a future coder who wanted to be handmade and therefore proposed to me to deal with my site. Thing, I accepted immediately. I find he did good job. Certainly at the time, design was very simple but all the same… And remember that it was my very first website…

You can see that he called himself Artsk8 but I more had news of it then… If the person recognizes himself or someone knows (you never know, he has perhaps retained this nickname), I’d be curious to know what is become of him.

One can easily conclude that I am fully in new technologies since the early 2000s. This mini « site » is proof that it is a « sport » I practice since many years already.

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