Moral harrassment

We are talking about it ?

Moral harassment can occur at every street corner … Whether at work, in the couple, friends or family, at school or on a bus, at any age you can be confronted. It can be translated by gestures, behavior, words or even writings.
The harasser takes pleasure in belittling the other. This destructive effect can put his victim at risk. It is an inflicted force of violence that can be worse than physical pain.
The best-known methods in all cases are to prevent the person from expressing himself or herself in a normal way, to criticize her for a long time, to threaten her, to slander her, to ignore her presence, to isolate her, to discredit her or to discredit her. still compromise his health.
Of course, moral harassment is punishable by law but not always easy to prove.
Never forget that the stalker is often very good manipulator.

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