Menstrual cup…


Gentlemen, unless you want to educate yourself, move along nothing to read. Ladies, let’s talk about monthlies!

Why this would be taboo while there is nothing more natural in a woman? Many think that only tampons and sanitary towels are the only things to protect themselves during this period. The IUD is also another well known, exceeding its primary objective: to be a contraceptive. But yet you have it all wrong!

The ways of protection

  • The menstrual cup, the one I will talk about. It is a safe, reliable protection, practical, comfortable and especially economic!
  • The instinctive flow method is a technique of stopping protection during menstruation and help stem its flow as it contains urine with good strength perineum … Yeah, I admit I am very doubtful. If someone uses this method, I would be curious to learn more about it.
  • The washable towel is simply a reusable sanitary napkin. I want to believe the savings but frankly I see myself badly store the used towel in my bag when I’m out to wash it at home …
  • The sea sponge is an old method. The big problem is that you  get them and can remain stuck in the vagina …

The menstrual cup, but what is that thing?

This is a small section that is also called cup most bell-shaped time, which is used when menstruating. It is inserted into the vagina and gets the blood. In unfolding in the vagina, the latter fact suction cup. It can leave up to 12 hours. Simply rinse after each use and sterilized between each cycle. A menstrual cup lasts 5 to 10 years depending on the manufacturer.

menstrual cup: manual

Because it is always easier to understand with pictures, here’s a video gleaned on the web that will explain it very well:

What to take and where to buy?

You can purchase a menstrual cup from € 1 online. But I would say to be careful though that you buy. You can also talk to your gynecologist before buying. These cups are sold in pharmacies.

My little story …

Now about my feedback. It’s been three months I use a menstrual cup and I’m pretty satisfied. However, the last time I had some leaks. I admit that at first it was a bit strange but you get used quickly. You can pee without removing the cup, the urine won’t be in the cup.
I bought 2 because I can not rinse immediately. There is also the idea of not being afraid of having dirty fingers. Well, that’s wrong! As the stream is recovered in the cup, the walls are clean when you retrieve. It’s true that I do not wait and put the other on. For me this is the most hygienic method.

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