Media and employment

What is a media?

It is a means of diffusion, transmission and communication of information. There are two types of media:

  • The mass as the press, television and radio media
  • Digital and electronic media say the new technologies of information and communication or ICT

What role?

Have a positive effect of openness to the world and contributions of knowledge is the main purpose of a media. Today whatever it is, it has become essential in our society. Indeed, it does not only inform but influence on public opinion.


It is a popular medium because through it we have all information about the measures taken by the Government, the unemployment figures, examples of success stories…
This can also be an excellent springboard for finding a job. As the young man who put placards with his CV on the side of the road in the Pas De Calais, it earned him a reportage France 3 and result, he had more than 95 proposals and has, to date, found a job.

Like what all the media are important to inquire but also became a very good way to communicate to his Personal branding (personal branding).