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I’ll tell you about a great lady who has sold millions of albums around the world. But, as a first step, go back in time, at the time where there was no internet but books. Come on! Leave in 1987…

Why 1987? Just because the book which I talk about came this year. A book, which at the time was still a whopping sum of 70 francs. I won’t make you promotion, far from it. It is a friend who brought me him back because, Yes! I’m a fan of Madonna! And when I read it, I’ve simply been outraged by this boondoggles of errors…

So my goal today is not to redo a yet another biography of the star, but rather to correct these ludicrous mistakes… I hope that in is a flop because for me, it is unacceptable to have published a book like this.

I became a fan of Madonna 2 years later, in 1989 with the title « Like a Prayer »:

1.   The first big mistake (then ca it is unforgivable!), Madonna is not born the 15 but the 16 August and not 1959 but 1958!

2.   Then the first names of his parents are not Vittorio and Magdalena but although Silvio and Madonna (this is all the same, the basis of everything). I do not know where they have been finding their sources…


3.   In this photo, it is written in legend: brunette again, in 1984 in New York.

WRONG! Agree, the picture is in black and white but it was beautiful-and-well blonde, not blonde Platinum but blonde…


     4.   On it, it is written: « The White Witch of Detroit », in 84, singing its sulphur « Like A Virgin ».

WRONG again! She interpreted « Gambler » (I know, I had the videotape).

5.   « Like A Virgin » does not mean « As a Virgin » but « Like a Virgin ».


6.   I’m not sure that they have 9 years in this photo… If I remember correctly, this picture was taken in a high school on the occasion of a match where she was a cheerleader. Yet in legend, it is the age that is written…

7.   Even a blunder! Madonna and Sean Penn were married on August 16, 1985 and not 15 (as for the date of birth…).


8.   After multiple searches, I can’t say if yes or no, Sean Penn would be the Director of the clip « True Blue ». Is that it is does mention nowhere…

There may be (and even surely) others (including one where I could not check because I did not found the photo in question) but you must admit that these are gross errors and expected something else from a book, especially at this price there! What do you think?

Meanwhile here are a few good books about star Madonna:

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