Let’s visit the smallest country of the world

No, we’re not going to the Vatican!

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Most people say the Vatican is the smallest country in the world. You may think I’m stupid, but I wasn’t even aware it was a country!
No, I thought it was even smaller anyway. Welcome to Sealand… (a name to dream about, isn’t it?)

The Principality of Sealand is only 4000m² in size. It is a micro-nation founded in 1967. It has its own currency, national anthem, flag, official stamp and even its constitution. It is also known as Fort Roughs. This platform with a population of less than 30 inhabitants is located 10 km from the British coast of Sufolk. Prince Michael Bates has been running it since 2012.

The tour is obviously a dick done given the smallness of this place. It even seems that in 2007, this one was on sale for 10 million pounds. It has of course a history, this platform was used by the British army during the second world war. In 1987, England extended its territorial waters to 12 miles, which led to the attachment of this principality to the County of Essex. But the government finally abandoned the idea of taking over Sealand. In 2006, the platform catches fire, its inhabitants, however few in number, have to flee Sealand.

However, you can support this floating country by buying a passport, a bracelet or even a count or countess title.

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