Let’s go to Canada ! (4/5)

Before last part of our fabulous trip!

Let’s go now to the English part. Cape Nova Scotia!

True end of the world made for and by the sea, Nova Scotia is beautiful, very beautiful even, by the incredible paleontological site of Joggins, classified in UNESCO. This immense province will surprise you with its sumptuous wooded landscapes, its coastal plains … You will even find small vineyards. Count well a dozen days to discover this vast part of Canada.


Pictou Harbor is nestled in a pretty site sheltered from the Northumberland Strait. You will discover beautiful wooden houses that cling to the hills and descend gently towards the water. In the center, stone place with their style very « old Scotland ». Enjoy going to Hector Heritage Quay, a very well done little center that traces the history of Scottish immigration in the 18th century.
If you love fishing, then you have to visit the Northumberland Fisheries Museum, which tells the story of local fishing in the early 20th century.

Cape Breton Island

Scenic landscapes, lakes, rivers and wild forests inland and a coastline of small beaches and cliffs flowing into the ocean are what you will find here. All complemented by welcoming villages and fishing ports.
Go through the « Gibraltar of the New World ». This is what Louisbourg is called. This is the most beautiful city that allows you to go back in time in Canada. You will find the fortress, a surprising place for its size, its life-size historical fresco and its French-style houses.
Do not forget to stop in the « Finistere of America ». This is also known as Cape Breton Highlands National Park and Cheticamp. You will be able to admire more than 40 species of mammals and nearly 200 species of birds.

South of Nova Scotia

Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia. You can easily go around the city in one day. The unmissable place is its citadel founded in 1749.
If you want scenery worthy of a postcard then you have to go through Peggy’s Cove and Mahone Bay. You will not be disappointed !

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