Let’s go to Canada ! (2/5)

Let’s continue our trip to Canada!

After visiting Quebec, let ‘s take a look at Prince Edward Island!
Its long sandy beaches, sandstone cliffs and potato fields will make you dream!
This island is the smallest province in Canada. Its capital is Charlottetown and is well worth a day trip with its pretty busy shopping streets and a few monuments and museums.
Its national park is one of the most popular in Canada.
Visit also the historic village of Orwell Corner where we wanted to pay tribute to the peasants who lived here.
Do not forget to visit the Acadian musical village, which is a small but vibrant place. It is also an opportunity to discover local parlance and meet the actors.

Some tips

Before leaving for Canada, make sure you have a valid passport. It also requires an electronic travel authorization to get there.
No vaccination is required. It is forbidden to import perishable goods into the territory.
Do not forget to take travel insurance, it’s safer.
Warn your bank of your getaway because your card may get stuck on the first withdrawal.
All prices quoted in the stores are exclusive of taxes and gratuities.
Health costs are very high in Canada, think about it! Hence the travel insurance which is very recommended.

Take the time to discover this beautiful island. We’ll meet again soon for the 3rd part.

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