Let’s go to Canada ! (1/5)

Who says vacation, says Travelling …

Canada is a very big country, so it will deserve 5 posts. This first part will be devoted to the French-speaking part of the country: Quebec. The other parts will be devoted to Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario.

Let’s leave without delay on the east coast of Canada. Welcome to Quebec ! French America at your feet with nature and open spaces. Openness, simplicity, humor and warm hospitality are the key words in this part of the country.

Destination Montreal !

The first thing to do is to skim the quays of the old port to admire the buildings of the old town without forgetting to visit the Museum of Fine Arts.
Gaze at the city from Mount Royal Park Lookout.
Embark on the largest commercial network in the world by visiting the underground city.
Take a stroll along the Lachine Canal, strolling along the paths of the botanical garden.
Discover the four corners of the city all the flavors of the world. Filling typical Quebec products at the Jean-Talon market is the best way to discover all the riches of the region. There is so much to do and see in Montreal that you have to stay a few days.
Another must-see monument is the Environment Canada Biosphere, which remains an architectural symbol of the city.

Between Montreal and Quebec…

When you reach Quebec City, you must stop half-way in one of the oldest cities in North America: Trois-rivières.
Visit one of the best sugar shacks « at Dany’s« .
60 km away, you will find the National Park of Mauricie which offers over 544 km2 a mosaic of lakes, waterfalls and small wooded mountains. Nearly 470 plant species and 190 bird species live there. Stunning and wild landscapes that will not leave you unmoved!

Welcome to Quebec !

Quebec is a seductive city of moderate size. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is unique in its kind. The things not to miss during your visit are the Augustinian Monastery opened in 2015 which evokes the history of the congregation through a collection of liturgical objects, customary, manuscripts, paintings, testimonies, videos … The museum of Francophone America is to be done too. This is Canada’s oldest museum. Marvel at the Basilica – Notre Dame Cathedral. The Eiffel Tower is in Paris what the Château de Frontenac is in Quebec: symbol and pride of the city. The citadel, a walk on the ramparts, the observatory of the capital, the Place Royale and so on are so many things to see and here too it is recommended to put his bags for several days.


About fifteen kilometers from Quebec City, a Native American reserve called Wendake will disconcert those who expect to discover a western Indian village.
Discover the Ile d’Orléans with its stone houses, old farms and small wooden buildings.


You can not go to Quebec without going through Charlevoix. This beautiful region is the result of a series of exceptional geophysical phenomena. St Paul’s Bay is a good base from which to start exploring Charlevoix.
Port-au-Persil remains one of the most beautiful hamlets in this region. Be careful not to miss the small road that leads to it!

There is so much to see, do and visit that Quebec alone deserves 5 articles. So I only put a quarter of what we can find as wealth in this part of the country.

In the next article, I will also give you some tips for traveling in peace. Good discovery ! 🙂

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