This article is not a subject by chance since it is lived (by the way, it’s my big phony photo on article).

In looking for a laparotomy, I found only one document. It was very well detailed. I had therefore trusted and prepared in consequence …. Except that it does not happen at all this way.


At first, I have to explain what it is. It’s simply an incision of the abdominal wall. Admittedly, it is scary because the scar, is still 10 to 15 cm. It is a little heavier than laparoscopy or laparoscopy because the intestinal transit takes longer to resume.


A small step back obviously is necessary. Before, at least on the document that I had found, it was said that you stay in bed for several days and to eat it was under a drip. What néni, it does not happen at all like that!

Today the medical profession advocates a return to normal as soon as possible. This so that the body heals faster.


I live in the south west of France. It is therefore natural that I had surgery at the Toulouse University Hospital. Attention I explain you well for the laparotomy and not why I had one.
You return as for any intervention that can not be done outpatient, the day before. For a laparotomy, it takes 5-7 days of hospitalization. In fact your exit is the resumption of transit at least by gas (as my surgeon told me, we must fart: ?).
You are taken to the block the next morning to, as we say at home, spend on billiards. Once done, you wake up in the backyard. There, you are told that you have a morphine pump and that every 7 minutes you can press if pain. You also have a redon and a urinary catheter.
The next day, they take the latter away and tell you that they will get up (what?: O) and that you will take your shower (I’m capable of that?). There, you discover your war wound and: O oh! But she is pretty and fine! They tell you that the scar will be in the open air to promote healing but you will still have a belt to avoid protection, avoid pressure and disembowelment. You are then brought breakfast (I have the right?) And tell you that you have to walk to promote the resumption of transit. So you rush, redon under the arm and at the speed of a snail walk (and enjoy smoking or vaping).
Of course for a few days, the meals are quite liquid because you have only the right to soups. That does not stop you from eating some cookies next door.
3 days later, you remove this famous redon and tell you that if you have at least gas, the next day you can go out.

A nurse will come to our house to do the cares and remove the staples 10 days later. And here is the deliverance!

Now you just have to be careful for 2 months not to put in too much effort and not to wear heavy to avoid hibiscus.

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