Lack of self confidence

It’s terrible when lack of self confidence falls on you. A hesitant behavior, low self-esteem or our skills are so many (bad) signs to correct to live happily .

Self-esteem is self acceptance which is not easy . The causes are multiple . We are prisoners of ourselves and we doon’t know how to escape. These are fears, blockages, complexes that prevent us from moving forward. We simply don’t trust in ourselves.

How to fix it ?

We must first do a personal review and identify detractors. We must also accept the fact that nobody is perfect and will never be .
Sometimes you have to dig deep in yourself to try to glimpse something positive . Make a list of qualities and faults can help .
One very important thing is to NEVER stay alone. Talk with others. If you really have difficulty, writing seems to be a good idea.
A word to add to your vocabulary : DARE . The goal is not to make exploits but to improve.

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