In case of emergency, you can count on your smartphone!

Did you know that?

Few people know about it and yet it can make things a lot easier for you. Your smartphone can be invaluable in an emergency.
Let’s say you have an accident, you’re unconscious. Help arrives followed by the gendarmes or the police. They have to contact your relatives. They find your mobile phone but problem: there is a code… Well, they can reach contacts without the code.

How ?

It’s simple. On the screen where you normally have to enter your code, there is « emergency call » or « emergency ». When you press it, you get to the screen where you can call for help, but that’s not all it’s about. It says « emergency information ». You even have the geolocation (well I must say that it is not at all precise because I am far from this address 😀 ). If you press it, you can enter the people to contact. Still, you have to think about it! On some phones, you can even enter information such as blood type, organ donors, allergies, treatments… In short, it can save time and even a life!

Insert your information

Then it depends on the phone, but usually you can do it this way. However, I can’t tell you if it works on every phone. I found out with my first chinese brand phone.

Don’t forget! If you’re in trouble, think about it!

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