The importance of the contract as a freelancer

Why is it important to make a contract when you are a freelancer?

A Contract is not mandatory but when one is self-entrepreneur, it is very mega super highly recommended. It already defines the main services to be performed. If these so-called « main » services subsequently change, it is better to modify the contract than to make estimates. Do not forget to describe these benefits as much as possible so that everything is clear. This avoids moving away from its main objectives. If what your client wants is not stipulated in the contract or if things are added, tell him, play the transparency card. Negotiation is an important part of Freelance Work. If, for example, you are working mostly on teleworking, please explain to your client that the rate does not include any travel and that they are invoiced separately through the kilometer schedule and include it in your contract Detailing well. It is not always easy to set a tariff especially in services. This is why contracts and specifications are complementary. On the contract, the tariff is a base, while the quote can be a maximum. And of course always explain clearly to his client that these are estimates and that the invoice at the end of the month will be recalculated according to the services actually done and that they will never exceed that of the estimate.

The Contract: Commitment and Security

A contract is a commitment to its customer and vice versa. You will find models of contracts on the internet to help you do yours according to your needs. It is necessary to adapt it. Do not hesitate to add clauses if necessary. As I have already said you must play the transparency card. It is also a security for you as for your customer. But watch out! Even with a contract, you are never safe. To do this, you must not be guilty of sending emails (the writings remain) as many times as necessary (depending on the sector of activity 1 by day or weekly), detailing everything that has been Realized, what remains to be done, advice and even why not errors that you would have noticed on the website for example. Avoid as much as possible the risk of misunderstandings and disappointments.

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