Iceland, this country we do not talk about enough …

The typical example of a country that revolutionized the world …

I sincerely believe that Icelanders have a lot to teach us. At a time when yellow vests are rife, return to this country where democracy still means something.

Brief history …

We can not begin without a little description of Iceland. Located between Greenland and Norway, country has 355 620 inhabitants. Its capital is Reykjavik. The crime rate is low but the education system is very poorly classified.


I am not going to say that it is a wonderful country and that, despite the events of a few years ago, the Icelandic political system has remained unstable since the violent crisis of 2008.
But the lifting of capital controls and the extraordinary growth of tourism have helped to clean up public accounts. The increase in tourist traffic is therefore a big issue.
The secret of this policy lies in the multiparty system. The many parties in this country must form coalition governments. Iceland has thus created its own political system.

Even if this system is not perfect, it has the merit of being much healthier for the people.

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