I tried ThemePark Studio !

I love management games , especially when it comes to creating parks. It seemed essential to me to try ThemePark Studio. What a desappointment…

It is many years that it is (still) in development. But never mind , game quite promising, I bought it ! It’s a disaster !


A disaster !

The game’s got many bugs . It hangs and for some time, it is downright firm alone. If I have not saved , goodbye my creation , I have only to start all over again …
I asked for a refund to Steam after trying somehow to tour the game. That was denied , claiming that I played a little over an hour …
But this is not surprising , it already takes me a leaden for the game to load, then there are errors in scripts. When I want to download something , it takes a lead, or as I said above , the game ends … How to enjoy all the features of the game in these conditions?
Here is a video I made to show you :



ThemePark Studio has yet to satisfy all hardcore fans of amusement parks. Even if it is not completed (will it be done one day ? ), It has the merit of being able to compete with RollerCoaster Tycoon World or Planet Coaster as the ability to create is infinite. Of course , it lacks a lot of things ( as visitors ) .


To conclude

Even though the game is operational and have all the qualities to create an amusement park in its image , I do not recommend it. The price doesn’t worth it , it is too expensive , especially since it is still not finished.

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