I am jaded…

It seems that I am jaded …

So if it’s true, I’m bored with everything … But that’s not true. I love my job, I love my state of mind. And this, even if I’m not always happy.
Afterwards, if I am for certain things, it is the people who have transformed me. I did not aspire to that at first.
It is not because one says at every turn of the field « me, I’m zero mind » that life is simpler so far. I would say it is only a little easier to grasp. But the difficulties are still there.
It may also be a loophole, an illusion … I do not know in the end.
In my house, the « zero taking of the head » is translated to live things as long as we live and as we want, enjoy all those moments that make us happy because we do not know what will be done tomorrow. It is also having no account to anyone. Do not go into this mold of normality.
I’m crazy in my head and I’m assuming! I am cash and I also assume! Like it or not, that’s how I work. That’s also kindness, being honest and honest.

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