Hurricane Irma

Back on this hurricane that left traces in the history and memories …

Irma hit from 29 August to 12 September in many places. This hurricane category 5 on the Safir-Simpson scale appeared a week after Harvey’s. Back on a disaster announced …

Impacted places

  • Barbuda: First land hit by the hurricane and causing a lot of damage. All the infrastructure of the island has been totally destroyed. 60% of the population lost everything and found themselves on the streets. The death toll is three.
  • Guadeloupe: It did not suffer significant material and human damage. By the next day all the infrastructures were reopened.
  • Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin : Hard hit since they were on the trajectory of the eye of the cyclone with winds up to 360 km / h. It is a real disaster. Everything is practically destroyed, the relief efforts themselves try to help the population. There are 9 deaths, 7 missing and more than 112 wounded.
  • Martinique: It causes slight damage on the island and will affect only 1% of the Martinique population due to a power cut.
  • Anguilla: This island is ravaged after the passage of the hurricane and makes one dead.
  • British Virgin Islands and United States Virgin Islands: These two islands are relatively affected. Dangerous prisoners escape from the partially destroyed prison on the British side. 5 dead and many missing are to be deplored. On the US side, there are 4 deaths.
  • Puerto Rico: The hurricane will kill 5 people.
  • Dominican Republic: It is subjected to very heavy rain, floods and floods but will avoid catastrophic damage.
  • Haiti: There are only 4 wounded but significant damage.
  • Turks and Caicos Islands: 13 people were reported missing on Salt Cay Island, which was totally submerged.
  • Bahamas: Significant material damage but no human loss is to be deplored.
  • Cuba: Floods and damage but the loser losing in intensity will not cause any human loss.
  • Florida: Some impressive but not catastrophic damage is to be deplored.
  • Keys Islands: The destruction is rather heavy in this archipelago with 75% of the houses in pre-fabricated destroyed.



Thousands of people find themselves without shelter, having lost everything after Hurricane Irma. A landscape of chaos and desolation rises before our eyes. Thousands of euros of material damage but above all too many losses to deplore.

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