How to recognize a manipulator?

Sometimes, some people hide their game well and are master in the art of manipulation … How to recognize them?

It’s not always easy to recognize a manipulator, believe me! And even if we know, it happens that under the influence of this one can not manage to unhook.

First, it plays with your feelings and always returns the situation to its advantage so as to devalue you indirectly. And so makes you feel guilty and doubt yourself. But it will also do everything so that you cling to it with all your might in front of a grip, a control over your life.

Second, the manipulator is a handsome speaker and appearances are often misleading. He knows everything about everything, has lived everything. He is a kind and attentive seducer but it is not free as it is to your detriment.

The manipulator will therefore use your weaknesses to indirectly lower and value yourself. It takes control of your person. Awareness can sometimes be painful and the leak not so simple as that. It can lead to a lack of self-confidence, even depression. And if it has been going on for a while, he has certainly taken care to keep away from your friends and even perhaps your family. You think that you are alone in the world and often this is not true, but must you still have the courage to take the first step and admit the deceit you have suffered …

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