How to create a website ?

I ‘m not going to tell you how to create a website in detail, but the way you can create it.

There are 4 main ways to create a website . Let’s see them in detail.


The web builder

What is it ? You all know Wix ? Well, that’s the perfect example ! It’s super simple. For those who know nothing but want to do it by themselves, it’s the best solution. Don’t want a complicated site because it can quickly be limited.
Here are a few :

Most of web hosts offer web builders .


The software

The software could be included in the web builders . But I separated them because those  are offline web builders .
There are many free and paid software . Choose the one that suits you best. Here are a few :



CMS or Content Management System is what might be called  » the middle . » Simple as a web builder , it’s as good as pure coding.
From simple to complex dynamics Site, we can do (almost) everything!
There are a whole bunch (list available here) , but here’s the key


The code

For developers and aspiring enthusiasts of computer language , the question does not arise . They often prefer to do everything themselves !
You will understand, this last method is for experts!

You have all the cards in hand to find your ideal ?, favorite?,  to ceate your website. And if nothing suits you, or you don’t really understand anything or that you simply do not have time , think about freelancers and web agencies.

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