How many female fowls for a male fowl ?

We always ask the question: how many female fowls do you need for a male fowl? Let’s explain it …

I will go right back to the heart of the matter. There is no quota imposed. We can very well have only one couple. But in general, we recommend a minimum of 5 female fowls for a male fowl. The reason ? Just so that this gentleman does not ask these ladies too much.

I explain a little trick. Initially, I had 3 female fowls and 2 male fowls. The male fowls kept climbing the female fowls and especially 1 who climbed one because the others were too young (even the 2nd male fowl). So much, that my poor female fowl lost her plumage and fled to rest all day on the window sill. Now that one of the male fowl is dead and there are 5 female fowls, it’s better.

After that we can also have 1 male fowl for 1000 female fowls. It’s not disturbing. Because it also depends if you want a lot of chicks or not. You must know that when your female fowls are free, they always leave chicks …

I had 15 chicks early May. The children found one dead. One of my female fowl killed 2 because apparently it was not hers and did not accept them but the problem is that I was putting them with another female fowl that accepted them, they always left with the other . Probably because when they were born it was this hen that brooded them (they took turns). Recently my grisette (yes these are Bentam from Beijing who all have a name 😀 ) has left her 5 chicks in prey to rats. These pesky creatures have eaten a total of 6. I only have 4 chicks left. So I explained to the kids that I will not keep an extra male fowl because there will not be enough female fowls. Now remains to see what these chicks will become (provided it is not 4 male fowls ^^).

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