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I think everything is in the title …

I had to do it on video but for personal reasons, I do it in writing mode.

Does everyone know what chemotherapy is? I doubt it … It’s a cancer treatment technique. But do not confuse with radiotherapy, which uses radiation. These are called rays. Chemotherapy is the use of certain chemicals, so they are drugs.

The technical part is to put you most often a port-a-cath under the skin. It is a small box with a vein that allows to get stung more easily and especially without pain. Finally its implementation is not really a part of fun. Under local anesthesia, it is an operation that lasts about 30 to 40 minutes.

I want to do this article simply because many people (too much for my taste) do not understand or get ideas. Anyway I want to say that to truly understand everything, only people who have been there can.

Already yesterday’s chemotherapy is no longer the chemotherapy of today. That we put it well in the skull. Now we are given what we need to minimize the side effects. The medical profession adapts more easily to the « requirements » if I can say of the person (work, children etc …). Medicine has understood that the main booster for healing is the mind. If you have good morale, it is much better.

I watched YouTube videos of people who do this treatment but to see them all is well! While no there are some pretty annoying side effects and other than hair loss or nausea. After each is different.

I will talk a little about myself, about my case as they say. I have cancer, finally it seems … I had surgery and the scanner showed that everything had been removed. It remains only a mini ganglion right kidney, we do not know if it has a report and if he is infected. So chemo to eliminate it. I would have been told just as a precaution, I would have refused. Besides, and I do not hide it, if the next tepscan, the doctor tells me there is nothing at all (be careful I said nothing at all), I stop the chemo. I do not see why I am going to inflict atrocities on my body for nothing. And for the risk of recurrence, I want to say that with or without if it must come back, it will come back in 2, 6 months, 2,5,10 years. I think we must not exaggerate!

I am under the Folfirinox protocol. You can information on internet, I do not want to spread on it. I do one every 15 days and come home with a broadcaster removed by a home nurse 48 hours later. The first chemo happened … well as a first chemo what … We do not know what to expect … And I believe that the body either. I was drunk and a real electric battery! In short, not too many effects. The second was a disaster! My body did not support and I had quite virulent side effects. My head was spinning, I could not express myself properly, I was shaking hands and my fingers hurt and I could not touch anything. For two days I had difficulties expressing myself and for 2 days I could not drive, I drove with difficulty the 3rd … But where we will say that we ask questions is when we start bleeding every day. Once, it passes twice more (no I will not do it at La Tuche) but after 3 times, we ask questions anyway … But it’s not the worst! Where it’s impressive is when you go to the toilet and you discover blood, in the bowl and on the paper … There, I scratched my head and told myself that my period, I had to have them in 1 week … Well, I had once, so I thought it might be hemorrhoids … For the third chemo, I discussed with the doctor in view of all that I had as a symptom and I think that the latter cooled it and suddenly she lowered me the doses (yes, it is a oncologist) because she feared that this blood comes from the digestive tract … It is not at all scary, well … We will say that it has gone better. Admittedly, I had side effects of speech and ants in the hands but much less and it happened in 1 hour time, phew!

I am happy because I do not have nausea, it is already that. Fatigue, of course, like anyone in chemo, but it lasts 3 days no more … Just like the alteration of taste (that’s boring that!), It’s painful. When I drink a mint with water (especially on Wednesday), it seems that I drink salt water! Fortunately it does not last either. The most embarrassing for me are these tingling in the hands because even to work sometimes it’s disabling. But otherwise it does not prevent my daily life. The second week I’m operational like any freelance and mom! I would also like to convey the message that it is not because we are « sick », that we do chemo, that we are vulnerable, on the contrary! After all depends on the type of cancer but we live normally. Earth does not stop turning for us! And the people who sink you with their « oh my poor », « I do not know how you do it », « you should stay at your place to rest » etc … But I want to tell you FUCK! I do not need pity or anything else, I just want to be as usual. I talk about it if I feel like it and especially let me live! The disease puts things flat and opens our eyes to certain things. When we say that we must enjoy life, it’s not trivial … It’s not because we have more hair on the pebble that it makes us beings apart. We are warriors, fighters of life! #FuckUrCancer

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