How can you edit your YouTube video?

I’m sure some people have already asked the question…

I’m far from an expert, but maybe I can help you on a few things. Namely that you can edit your video directly online on YouTube but well, it’s not the best… On the other hand, YouTube contains a very nice library of royalty-free sounds and music (some of them, you still have to credit them) that you can download without any problem.

To have a video that looks professional, i strongly advise you to vary your shooting angles. So plan two cameras. Make sure you have a tripod so that your camera is stable. When filming yourself, move slowly, which will make your video more fluid. Also invest in a good microphone (tie microphones are good and you’ll find cheap ones).


There are plenty of them! It’s up to you to find the one that suits you best. There are paid and free ones. It’s mostly a question of budget and taste. I give you here some ideas peeling-mixed:

You now have the main cards in hand to successfully edit your videos.

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