The hidden faces of Jon Bon Jovi


Everyone knows Bon Jovi’s band with this sexy voice that transports us beyond the stars (the guy too :)).

This singer is none other than the precursor of the group : Jon Bon Jovi.

Short biography

From his real name John Francis Bongiovi, Jon is an American musician, actor, singer and composer born in March 1962 in New Jersey. He is a man committed to humanitarian causes such as the Red Cross, AIDS Foundation or Everybody Hurts (for the benefit of Haitian disaster victims). In 2006, he created his own foundation, the Soul Foundation, which works for the homeless. He is even named in 2010 by Barack Obama, counselor for community solutions at the White House.
He has been married since 1989 and has four children.
To date, it has no fewer than twenty albums.

Did you know it ?

In July 2016, Jon Bon Jovi was invited to a wedding. The singer who animated her began to sing the tube « Livin ‘On A Prayer ». The video went around the world highlighting her discomfort when the singer got closer. I watched the video several times. It is true that he is a little uncomfortable, finally I would say embarrassed and this can be understood. We do not invite you to a wedding to find you the spotlight! And then, a voice is like a sport, you have to warm up. It was taken by surprise, hence the few false notes …

It has a community restaurant in New Jersey where guests pay whatever they want. For those who can not give money, the meal is free against a few hours in exchange for volunteer work.

Jon Bon Jovi faced a tragedy that no parent wants to live. Indeed, in 2012, his daughter is found unconscious in her student room due to an overdose of heroin. She is now out of business, and it seems that the lady has since calmed down.

Dorothea Hurley, the wife of Jon Bon Jovi, is none other than her childhood friend. They met on the school benches. Funny, is not it?

One last anecdote and his wife is really cool. Mr. likes to kiss his fans (yes french kiss). It is not unusual to see him raise fans on stage, during concerts, dance, kiss and ending with a slap on the buttocks.

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