Help ! I’m stressed















When stress takes hold of us , it’s exhausting mentally. This can even go up to panic. How can we ensure stressing the least ? Read this article !

Stress = fear , concern, depression, panic , anxiety …

Many words to define the degrees of stress.

Good news for everyone ! We are ALL stressed to varying degrees. If someone tells you that he is never stressed, this is WRONG! We all have a fear or concern .
For  » non-stressed  » people , it means they are able to manage stress without problems.
But for those who are often or all the time stressed, it’s essential to step back or playing sports ( yoga for example? ) Or either by therapy (there are lots ) .

The first tip I can give you is to never be overwhelmed by feelings. It can happen quickly and panic attack is not far …

Easier said than done is to take time for yourself . This will evacuate all the tensions . Note that I ‘m not saying you will not be stressed but less, you could, maybe, better manage your stress .

There are also methods such as hypnosis, relaxation therapy , relaxation and breathing exercises …

Here are some links that may help you fight this scourge :

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