Having turbulent children

Not easy parents life …

What is a turbulent child already?

He is a restless child, sometimes even aggressive. He runs, has fun everywhere, does stupidity on stupidity, does not listen … In short, a child takes sometimes to manage.

How to react ?

Already one, even if the spanking is good (yes, I know it is prohibited in France but between us I prefer to put a good spanking my children to send them to deflower at age 13;)), it does not not solve everything. Just like the punishment that does not solve the problem.
No … We must first identify the problem and ask ourselves why. We all know that a child must move to flourish, to do experiences, that’s also learning life. But there is turbulence and turbulence.
It must also be remembered that a turbulent child is perfectly normal, that it is not badly raised or that the parents do not take care of it. There are also clichés that immediately, it becomes hyperactive. We must stop with these false interpretations.
So, what I am going to tell you will seem pathetic and I have trouble putting it into practice, but the first thing to do is to stay calm and not give in. It is not by passing all his whims that it will be better and especially it will not help. The best solution (which is not a miracle solution) is still to set rules and set up rituals and especially communication with your child.

As I told you, there is no quick fix. To each to adapt according to the situation. Many factors come into play such as the character of the child.

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