Have you ever heard of sneaky texting?

I didn’t know what it was until a few months ago. I never realized that I had received any, and you?

It may sound weird, but it’s real. I think we’ve all actually received some. This method is also used to trace suspects or missing persons in police investigations. It’s a round trip signal that you don’t normally see, but some people say they’ve seen SMS messages disappear right after they’ve read them. Is this really a case of sneaky SMS messages? I have a big doubt.
They make it possible to send an SMS to another mobile phone without the owner’s knowledge in order to locate the person in question. But especially without first checking that the mobile phone is switched on. They are also called silent SMS.
Of course, they are also used by unscrupulous hackers to carry out attacks. This is a big privacy issue because there is no legal proof.
It is therefore easy at the moment to track us down with these sneaky SMS messages alone without anyone noticing anything. This is a sad fact but unfortunately this is the way it is…

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