Have a writing adapted to the web

Reading on a screen is not read on paper. It is said that reading online is less comfortable, what requires to be more concise. Therefore, hang the eye to be read.

1st Council: do not long phrases.

2nd Council: write titles with keywords for SEO.

3rd Council: avoid a tartine of sentences! Cut your paragraph text.

4th Council: If your article is long, even very long, don’t panic! It is sufficient just to structure with a summary and headings.

th Council: do not hesitate to use bulleted lists!

6th Council: put explicit hyperlinks.

7th Council: have a specific entry. It is important to remember that the web is a medium of action above all.

8th Council: action Media and thus of interaction, which means to contact your audience as if you had it in front of you.

I heard a lot say that writing for the web, was primarily write for its readers. But we must also think about search engines. Therefore, the key words must appear in the titles to optimize your SEO.

Google is your friend, you will find the training that suits you.

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