Haunted houses inhabited (by ghosts and people)…

I like the paranormal, don’t I?

This week I’m going to talk about haunted houses… but people live in them!

Bresles (France)

We start with this house that’s haunted by a poltergeist. According to the current owners, this would have started in November 2011. It would be a 6-year-old girl seen several times in the attic.

Lambersart (France)

Another house that keeps the mystery… or not. Objects flying around, noises… Anyone who’d lived there would have experienced a tragedy. The penultimate family to have lived there would have found a chest with a skeleton inside… The house was abandoned for years but would be inhabited again and there would be no trace of paranormal phenomena…

50 Berkeley Street in London (England)

Several people are said to have died here under strange circumstances… The Maggs Bros. Bookstore has set up shop here. They say the first floor is condemned, and that the shop employees never stay alone at night when it closes…

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