Google Lens, a handy app

Do you know Google Lens?

I could summarize this app to: look for what you see. Indeed this one is based on image recognition.

Its operation is simple. Just point the camera of your smartphone at the object in question (it can also be an animal, a person, flowers, places…). By taking the picture, Google Lens will try to identify it by all means (QR code, barcode, text etc…) to give you the most relevant information.

Even better, no more need to open the application. If you own it, it will be integrated with your camera, usually you will find the icon in the top left corner. You won’t even have to click to take a picture, it’s automatic after a few seconds. This can be very handy for example to translate a text, a billboard… You can even identify buildings.

Google won’t stop surprising us with all its little applications that we don’t necessarily know but that can be very useful and save us precious time!

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