Google Family Link : THE solution for your children !

Children are getting mobile phones, tablets and computers earlier and earlier. I’m going to talk specifically about an application for phones and tablets.

In the age of new technologies, our children are born into it. Gone are the Atlas encyclopedias, now there’s Wikipedia. Does that mean we have to do anything?

I see a lot of children with a smartphone or a tablet but few parents put parental controls on it. Or they put basic stuff in that doesn’t do much good. And that can lead to a very dangerous drift…

Then no! Me, I decided I had to tell you about a free, simple and quite complete application. Although it’s not well known, it’s Google itself that designed it: Google Family Link.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can protect your children properly thanks to Google. It’s very simple, when you configure your child’s smartphone or tablet, instead of setting up your Gmail account or creating a normal account, you have the possibility to create a child account. It’s all explained here.

And good news for Apple users, the app is also available here, so there are no more excuses.

What you will be able to do:

  • Set a lot of limits: like time of use (you can also set up bedtime)
  • Manage the applications that you can allow or block. When your child wants to install an application, you need to approve it.
  • Lock their device remotely. It’s very convenient
  • Highly accurate location to see where your child is and also convenient in case of loss

A few tips

I can’t say it enough, but you have to be careful! Always keep a watchful eye. As for social networks, make sure you configure the account correctly and secure it thoroughly. Always have their passwords to go there from time to time. This is about protecting them, not spying on them.

Google Family Link is fully functional from version 6 of Android. It works partially with version 5.1 but not at all with earlier versions.

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