Happy Valentine’s day my job…

Posted by Isabelle Potel on 11/02/2015 on agirpourlemploi.com

Saturday is the feast of love. Why not take the opportunity to do an article on lovers of their work? Because Yes, there are! And this is called simply be passionate!

I’ll tell you a story, not any… mine! (yes I know, it’s a bit cliche, but I am sure that many will y recognize)

Love, a story of passion…

I have no claim to introduce you my story. This is just a story of a passion that has become… my job and it became a love story. A story that keeps growing every day… Just love that I bring to my work.

Since then, Harris… that I put my fingers on a keyboard, I became crazy about my computer! I will always remember head I did and what I said to my mother when she told me that my sponsor was going to bring me a computer… I had then replied: ‘ but what am I going to do?  » I’m not interested, it is not worth… ».

Brief… after having briefly explained to me that it was the future and blah blah blah (Yes, I admit, I have not listened…), it showed me how to turn it on and made me a quick tour of all its features by telling me that he had not the time me learn more… Super!

At the time, it was Windows 3.1 (I want to clarify that the computer was not very young and that he had also given me a listing printer). Me v’ with a ‘thing’ which I do not serve me. But being so curious, I’m starting to ‘tweak’ and finally I spent my nights, the mouse no longer worked some time after, I then became the pro’s keyboard shortcut… I said that at the time, of course, I had no internet (I did not even know what it was!).

Until the day, where, because of a virus on a floppy disk (eh Yes), he made the soul. I cried in the skirts of my mother so that she buy me a… And there my love story really began with Windows 98…

On the web!

In 2000, after much negotiations with my parents telling them that this would be a gain of time for my studies, they finally granted to have internet and there I saw the Messiah in person (in electronics)! That is also why I found my first job.

Technology had made a giant step and me also in many situations. When I had my second job, all my colleagues have started coming to see me when they had a problem with their computer and began to tell me that I should do a computer training because I did not bad and that I could go further. I answered simply that it was only a ‘hobby’, a passion and I want to keep it the (fear that it is too technical and that it disgusts me…)

The final revelation: community management

A few years later, three children and parental leave, I pondered my ‘come back’ professional and wanted to convert back to me… But I had a period where I couldn’t project myself into a future professional (there were like a wall before me). until 2013 (eh Yes not so far) where I fell by chance on an article about a new job: Community Manager. Divine goodness! Combine passion and work, I couldn’t ask for better!

Heading for adventure!

For a brief moment I said to myself: « I was born too soon » (but really a short time). I quickly recovered and I searched for how to get there.

I will briefly explain my career. I did not the container but a professional degree (equivalent to BAC + 1) in the field of tourism. I am subsequently become receptionist in a 700-room hotel (a plant, we can say) in Paris (at the base I am a girl campaign ch’ti), then I worked as a receptionist, receptionist, in charge of a conference centre in an American company. You understand now that nothing has been easy, it’s a total change! Of course now all formations have the digital in their program, where the brief moment of nostalgia… But mind, I’ll do a training.

At the time (Yes 2013, is not so far away and yet…), there is not much training because is a new profession that is beginning to emerge in France, and the latter has a little trouble to get there. I have the right to training for my parental leave, then opportunity! I can make financing the Fongecif through FHTT (training outside working time), very well. In addition to that I can do it remotely to be able to manage my family life… Impeccable! But (it would be too easy otherwise), it must be awarding, Ouch! Everything that I have found is not level or otherwise, I do not have the required level… But if I did a VAE (Validation des Acquis by Experience)? No, this is not possible given that the degree is not in the field of tourism…

OK, ok, do we discourage! Think, do I really need to do like this? Google, oh my friend Google, can you find me a program allowing me to learn the ropes? Well hop, a self-study by ci, there… And hooo! What is this? A MOOC (Massive Open Online Classrooms)? Informing and communicating on social networks, MOOC of Rue89, which will begin in a few weeks? I take and at the same time, I’m going to pass the certification. Many days later, here I am with my reward: my piece of paper attesting that I worked well and I understood the theory!

Next step: put into practice, the theory, in other words a small stage is needed… Put me in the « bath » before seeking the job of my dreams. Meanwhile my parental leave has ended, we swapped the Picardy against the beautiful region of Midi-Pyrénées, suddenly, I had to (legitimately) resign from the position I occupied before (Toulouse / Paris, it’s a tad far…) my first pregnancy and to subscribe to Pôle Emploi… Ads of course, there are tons… but wait… What is conventioned internship? I just want to get an internship and will not do the choosy, of course it will be unpaid. Ah… It does more work like that now… Ah… So how I am doing without convention? After some research, the only solution is an EMT (workplace assessment) of 15 days by Pôle Emploi… It’s not great thing but better than nothing… 34 spontaneous applications later, 3 positive responses (34, in having clarified that it was unpaid, I was hoping a little more answers…), I thought, the first who agrees, I take! Bingo! First go to a travel agency, accepted internship. I was finally able to put what I learned into practice and my account that YES! I got my conversion and that I can see my professional future take shape before my eyes, with a few « slaps » because I can not all detail you, otherwise it would be a novel but everyday I autoforme me, I attend conferences, some formations of « real » trainers (thanks the canteen of Toulouse) with… I am questioning perpetually to overcome at best.

I’m now ready for the real active life!


I think I had an incredible opportunity and that’s why I love even more what I’m doing. My wish was to go as a Community Manager in the field of tourism, but when it was explained the project, what could be more noble than to help others out when one is oneself to unemployment?

I’m Isabelle, I am 38 years old. I’m self-taught Community Manager and at the moment I work within the EPA as a volunteer. I love my job! Incidentally, I did not feel that this was a ‘work’ itself. I take it very seriously, and indeed at this moment, I do not know if this article like it, if it is well written (I’m not journalist and never did ‘true’ blog). I’ve already made mistakes and I would definitely do more, after all we are human beings humans…

In any case, I am somehow « love » my job, I will put my gut and my heart and me invested completely in this mission, which is to help my neighbor.

I therefore wish a happy Valentine’s to all those people who, every day give the best of them – even in their job. Artists, artisans, firefighters, nurses (e) s, journalists… we all have this small flame within us: the passion. The only moral that one might find in this story is just to give the means to access our dreams. Because of a dream born passion that turns into love…

And you, how did you do to make your passion your job? I await your feedback on your work experience and this article.