Friendship man/woman : Do you believe it ?

What controversies about friendship between a man and a woman. What do you think ?

This is an issue that still raises a lot of debate. Some say yes it’s quite possible while others are loud and clear that it’s totally impossible.
The definition of a friend according to the Larousse is who is related to someone. What is friendship? Still in the Larousse, it is a feeling of affection between two people: attachment, sympathy that one person testifies to another.
For those who advocate the impossibility of friendship between two people of the opposite sex often have as argument that the expectations are different and that often one of them is attracted to the other.
I quite understand that a man / woman friendship always starts (finally most of the time) between two single people. It is also true that when one of the two people becomes a couple, the relationship becomes distant. But is it not the same in friendship between girls and boys?
I will repeat myself but in friendship as in love, the basis of a relationship is communication. And this, no matter who you have in front. Me, I proclaim loudly that everything is about complicity. It is the understanding and the connivance that two people have between each other, neither more nor less.

But if it goes wrong?

Skidding is not an end in itself. It is not because you are going to a drinking party and in a certain state of mind or weakness, to sleep together, that it will be the end of the world! Hence the communication must be clear. And if good communication, there is confidence. And if confidence is there, all will be well and friendship will not suffer.

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