The fourth better theme parks of Planet Coaster

It’s been a few months since Planet Coaster came out. It’s time to see the wonders that some players have created. Follow me !

Let me introduce some parks that are extraordinary. This allows you to see all the playability of the game.

1/ Land of merryweather

This park was created by De Ladysigner. There is Main Street and the pirates area that I do not have in the park I downloaded. But admire this beauty!

2/ Suzaku

We no longer present the gigantissime mr Silvarret! He still struck with this park which is a real splendor. From the deck to the picnic tables, nothing is left to chance.

3/ Back to the future, the trilogy

This park created by Zapwizard retraces well as its name indicates the famous trilogy of « Back to the Future ». You can watch, everything is there! Note the stunning details. A park that you must visit if you own Planet Coaster.

4/ The polar express : A christmas miracle

This park was created by Coaster Rex. This is one of the most beautiful on the Christmas theme. The magic is there. We would really believe in the land of Santa Claus!


My article had to be longer and comprise in all 15 theme parks but a computer problem made that I lost everything … 🙁

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