How to find the ideal night light for your child

It is not always easy to find a night light for your child …

Each child is different and therefore has different needs. There are those who just want a mood light, those who need it just to fall asleep and those who are afraid of the dark and want a light permanently next to them.

I call by classic, small light that you plug directly into the electrical outlet. They often give a soft light of colored atmosphere and sometimes with drawings that are drawn on the ceiling. This helps calm the child to fall asleep and does not leave it completely in the dark. Personally, I’m not a fan at all. A few years ago I heard of a fire because of one of these night lights where, unfortunately, the children perished.

Sleeping lights for sleeping

These are usually the « timer » lights with light and sometimes even music. They often work with batteries. So they really have to be used sparingly if not hello the stock of batteries …

Rechargeable night lights

For me, it is the top of the top! But the big inconvenience of these night lights is still their price often exaggerated. When you have several children, it can become a ruin. For example the famous « Barbapapa » which are sold at an exorbitant price and which ultimately had to struggle to hold a whole night lit and which quickly falls down … But I found a solution, for some time There are nightlights « chat » that swarm on the internet. For the price of a Barbapapa, you have 3! Certainly they do not have a base and recharge by USB but they easily hold 2 to 3 whole nights with a single recharge. They are much more manageable because it is soft …

To each his type of Vieuxille, the whole is to buy the one that will be adapted to the needs of your child. No need to buy a rechargeable night light if your child does not need it. I think it deserves an article to really choose the ideal night light.

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