Not always easy to create articles when you have no internet connection. Of course , there is Word but blah … By cons I found two programs that are certainly old but as we say , they do the job !

I was arguing to seek a software to create my articles offline. Not finding something new, I had folded on Microsoft Word but, it’s not ideal. I have installed softwares that dated back several years … And oh ! surprise! I have not been disappointed, even if they are not updated ( and that’s a shame !)




This software that I liked immediately . You can import many things from your blog . You can also program directly articles from the software.
The latest version dated 2005. … But still functional in 2016 !

You can download it here.



Live Writer

This is the one I use for. It’s got even more functionalities. We can also insert videos , although I never managed to do it…
Live Writer is part of  Windows Essentials from Microsoft.

You can download it here.



In doing my research for this article , I discovered a new , finally a software which is based on the source code of Live Writer and just renamed Open Live Writer. So I quickly install it . It is a copy / paste of Microsoft software. But they should improve and extend its functionality. In any case : to be continued !

And you, what do you use to create your articles?