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Not always easy to create articles when you have no internet connection. Of course , there is Word but blah … By cons I found two programs that are certainly old but as we say , they do the job !

I was arguing to seek a software to create my articles offline. Not finding something new, I had folded on Microsoft Word but, it’s not ideal. I have installed softwares that dated back several years … And oh ! surprise! I have not been disappointed, even if they are not updated ( and that’s a shame !)




This software that I liked immediately . You can import many things from your blog . You can also program directly articles from the software.
The latest version dated 2005. … But still functional in 2016 !

You can download it here.



Live Writer

This is the one I use for. It’s got even more functionalities. We can also insert videos , although I never managed to do it…
Live Writer is part of  Windows Essentials from Microsoft.

You can download it here.



In doing my research for this article , I discovered a new , finally a software which is based on the source code of Live Writer and just renamed Open Live Writer. So I quickly install it . It is a copy / paste of Microsoft software. But they should improve and extend its functionality. In any case : to be continued !

And you, what do you use to create your articles?

2 commentaires

Sam · 14 août 2016 à 6 h 37 min

Hi, thanks for the post. I find it strange there aren’t any good options out there anymore for offline editing like their used to be. I’m really keen to find one that lets you edit pages as well. Thanks for the links.

    Isabelle potel · 14 août 2016 à 13 h 28 min

    Hello, Thank you. For page editing, you can use Dreamweaver, OpenElements or Microsoft Expression.

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