Female ejaculation

I’m tackling another hot topic: female ejaculation…

Some time ago, I was talking with my boyfriend at the time and we were obviously talking about… sex. And then he says to me: « There’s something I don’t understand, I heard about female ejaculation but I was wondering how it is triggered and especially where it comes from. You’re a woman, you know that? » I was able to answer him in the first part especially that I had just done an article on orgasm shortly before (available here). But for the second part, I didn’t know. I decided to make an article about it and share it with everyone because there is no taboo about me.
While doing my research, I realize that in fact, it is a bit of a mystery because the question arises: is a fountain woman an ejaculator? But this will be the subject of a future article. I’ll stay on the main topic this time.


Female ejaculation is a release of fluid at the time of orgasm. This liquid may be more or less abundant.


I remind you that this result is when you « let go ». A capacity of total abandonment of the woman in her search for pleasure. These are the muscles that relax completely.


Actually, it’s still a little unclear. What we know is that it is a clear to whitish liquid expelled through the urethra. Many women ejaculate without realizing it because the amount is small. And it is on the composition of this liquid that the bottom hurts. Researchers have trouble getting along. Some say it’s very diluted urine. And others will say that it is similar to the cyprine produced by the prostate.

In conclusion, we still don’t quite know what it is but let’s bet that in a few years we will finally have the last word of the story :).


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