FAQ : what I’m often asked…

There’s a first time for everything! So I’m going to unveil myself for you 😀 .

People often come to see me through private messaging, whether it’s Twitter or LinkedIn, people, especially young people, always come to ask me the same question:

How did I get here?

They all want to trade on my route. I repeat, I’m self-taught. My initial training has nothing to do with my current job. I did a diploma course in tourism. When I started my reconversion, it wasn’t easy at all. Between the correspondence schools that were looking for trouble because supposedly my diploma was not recognised by the RNCP (state-recognised), even though I proved to them many times that it was well recognised, and the VAE which could not be done because it was not related to my initial studies, I had a hard time. I was angry and frustrated. But never mind, I will pursue my passion no matter what.
So I became self-taught by going through all the training I could find. Thanks to Rue89, I was lucky enough to be able to do 2 MOOCS with certification (unfortunately these are not recognized). They were the major springboard to get me started. But I did not stop there…
I wanted to do an internship at all costs. Not easy when you are not part of a school because now everything is well regulated… By dint of trying to find out how to do it, I found it! I went through Pôle Emploi and I was able to glean 15 days in a company. And now I can tell you that it was a complete waste of time. I was able to exercise my passion in a travel agency (yes, at the time, I wanted to stay in the field of tourism).
Then, I tried to do volunteer work but it was not easy in this field, I had the opportunity to do it in an employment aid association. I loved it too and that’s when I finally decided to broaden my horizons.
I started as a freelancer and this is where I am now. As I worked on my assignments, I learned a lot and I love it! Even if it doesn’t pay (the big problem with me is that I don’t know how to sell myself), I love what I do and I put all my guts into it. It’s my passion, I can’t help it. When I love something I give it my all.
Here, I hope this will allow you to get to know me better.

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