Essential mobile apps for you ladies

mobile applications

Whether you have an Android, Ios, or Windows Phone, there are mobile applications that are essential to your smartphone ladies! After each its needs, to each his affinity with these applications.
Here are 18, which I think should be on all smartphones of the gente feminine (but also on those of the gente male ;)).

1 / shortcut to your cameraPhoto

And then you say to yourself: why? Because it is nice to take pictures! Well, it’s true that now most of the smartphone have squarely a button on the side to get there. But today everyone is taking photos.

2 / the application of your bank

Yeah! It is well known that we, as women, are more spending than they, men (?)!
Finally, always is it than if you had something to buy relatively expensive and that if you had a doubt about being able to or not buy it. instead of going home to check and get back to nothing, because the article would be sold in the meantime, this could save you time and a crisis of hysteria…

3 / the yellow pages 

You might think about eating, was told that it was going to fast food? OK, but I do not know where is the closest…
I’m down with the car in the middle of nowhere… It is necessary that I find a mechanic (or I have a problem with my car just)…
I continue?…

4 / one or more GPS

And then I hear the men from here: « why several GPS, to the case where the first would lose you? »; And women to ask: « but why more? ».
GPSThe answer is simple because I experimented with it myself from time to time, and fortunately, in those cases, I have several… My favorite GPS? Waze… When all goes well, what it does Yonatan or gives me instructions in Spanish: /…
When you have several, is torn not off the hair, it stresses not because we are going to be late, using another! Personally, I have 4 others: Maps, Mappy, Navmi and Navigation. They are all free. The peculiarity of the last two, is that there does not need connection, the cards are installed in the phone.
So needless « several »?

5 / Whatsapp

This application will be interest if your contacts use it also. It is very convenient when you want to call from abroad: it’s free!

6 / where is the box?

It is actually the name of an application which charge to tell you where, boxes more nearest mailbox depending on your position. This can always be used when you are on holiday.

7 / a urgent desire?

Who has never had wanted to go to the little corner while you are in an unfamiliar place? Worse, your child tells you in one shot: « MOM, I have to pee ».
And well, thanks to Toilet finder, you do will be not stressed about where are the nearest public toilets of the place where you are. So even an application that may be necessary…

8. Read bar codes

Sometimes, an application to read bar codes can be useful…

9 / avoid the dry down!

With diesel fuel Now!, you can avoid going around in circles for many minutes and so consume more. Addition, it also gives you the tariff of the pumps in the place where you stand. And so you can compare and save time and money!

10 / the music

It is well known, the music softened manners. However, do not forget your headphones!

11 / woman problems…

And Yes, no woman escapes! Every month, it is the same thing. With an application like Period Tracker, you will have to get to know when is your period will arrive. The application loads after some time to make an estimate of the frequency to be as precise as possible. You can also find out your fertile period and on the day of ovulation.

12 / calculator

If you’re like me, that is, the calculation, this isn’t your « thing », then yes it is a good idea to put the shortcut on the home screen.

13 / the agenda

There must be squarely put the widget on the home screen like this at a single glance, we see everything and one more never misses a single appointment!

14 / Wattpad

If you’re (still) like me and you like to read, it is an application that I recommend. It’s free and there is everything (especially of the large misspellings as a house). It is written Fanfiction more often by teenagers but sometimes, one is surprised by their quality and we learn later that they had been published (for example, the series of books After to Anna Todd)…

15 / the weather and time

It seems to me that these widgets should be installed automatically on all smartphones.

16 / loyalty cards

Tired look in his bag the store card? Then adopt an application like FidMe that will all together them. Personally I put a widget of my main cards on my home screen, I find them in a heartbeat’s finger!

17 / the Gallery

It may be interesting to have the widget on his phone. The day where you want to show photos to someone, you’ll find in a whole hand!

18 / remedy black

A power outage? It is night? The flashlight is a great way to give you light (I am a logic…)! Some smartphone have one by default, on the other, just install an application which some have a widget.

Here, it seems to me that this is the basis to be well-equipped in all circumstances. Of course, the list is not exhaustive, there are millions of applications, you will find your happiness without penalty!

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